Why Western Red Cedar is the Ultimate Building Material

With centuries of proven performance, Western Red Cedar is the ultimate choice in building materials.  Whether it will be used as fencing, siding, decking, trimpanelingoutdoor structures or interior beams, it is renewable, sustainable and biodegradable.

In fact, due to aggressive forest management practices, there are more Western Red Cedar trees in North America than there were 100 years ago.  And nothing compares to the warmth and beauty Real Cedar provides.

Don’t settle for imitation products, choose Real Cedar!

Take a moment to watch this very informative video produced by the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association, featuring our friend Paul Mackie, to learn more


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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from your friends and Cedar Creek Lumber!

May the New Year bring you much peace and happiness!

cc lumber christmas

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We will be closed on Thanksgiving, as well as the Friday after. We wish you and yours a blessed holiday season!

happy thanksgiving

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Rustic Cabin

A labor of love, a place of peace, in the middle of nowhere…our little cabin.

Designed and built by owners, Tom and Kym, this little cabin was built using products from Cedar Creek Lumber including Western Red Cedar Shingles and trim, Doug Fir interior paneling, pine trim and composite decking.


Instagram+Cabin+9 (1)

This  fall photo of our cabin that we recently posted on Instagram was chosen to be a part of  a collection of cabin photos on Cincinnati Refined’s website.

To view the entire photo collection of cabins they featured, click the photo below, or click HERE to be redirected to their website

our cabin cincinatti refined

 Please enjoy these photos of our cabin building

cabin foundation

2 first floor of cabin

3 interior cabin view

Cabin's First Winter

4 spring at the cabin

Installing Western Red Cedar Shingles

cabin interior

Exterior of the Cabin is complete

8 cabin interior

Doug fir paneling lines the interior walls

Pine T&G lines the ceiling

pine t&g lines  and doug fir flooring

Western Red Cedar Bevel Siding

pine trim is not installed

"dry" cabin kitchen

Custom Made Ladder

rustic country cabin christmas decor

Rustic, Off Grid Cabin

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Make Your Own Rustic Country Christmas Tree out of Western Red Cedar

Perfect for small spaces and those who love simplicity.  This crafty little tree can be made in practically any size and can be displayed indoors as well as out.rustic christmas tree made from cedar scraps

Start by determining how tall you would like the tree to be.  Cut a piece of 5/4×4″ Western Red Cedar to the length desired.  Next, measure up about 10” from the bottom of the trunk and begin laying your pieces of scrap lumber.

Pieces that are ¼” thick, in varying widths work really well and add a nice country charm.  Use your longer pieces at the bottom, working your way up to the top with shorter pieces.

A good way to make your spacing even between rows, as well as keep your slats level, is to use a block of wood about 1” thick and place it in between courses.  Attach each course using Stainless Steel or coated screws that firmly secure the material together, but doesn’t penetrate all the way through the trunk piece.  Other types of fasteners can leave streaking and can corrode, especially if your tree will be displayed outdoors.

Next, measure out the longest piece on the bottom evenly on both sides and draw a line from that mark to the center of the top.  This will create the perfect triangle.

Using a skill saw, follow the shape of the triangle and you will have a perfect Christmas tree shape.  The tree can be displayed in its natural state, or if you prefer, a white wash can be applied.

rustic christmas tree


The make the white wash, mix white latex paint with water.  We used a ratio of ¼ paint to ¾ water, for this tree so that the finish is light and the natural characteristics of the wood come through.

Now your Rustic Country Christmas Tree is ready for decorations!

rustic wooden christmas tree


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How to Make Your Own Jenga Set

Fun for outdoor parties, family reunions and other gatherings, a large, “life sized” Jenga set will provide hours of entertainment for reasonable cost and a little effort.

These instructions will yield a Jenga set that has 18 rows that have three pieces laid next to each other (a total of 54 pieces). For instructions on how to set up the game and rules for playing click HERE

Materials Needed

  • 5 pieces of 2×4 Kiln Dried Cedar Decking 10’ Long
  • Chop Saw
  • Tape Measure
  • Belt Sander (or hand sanding pad)
  • Safety equipment including Glasses, Ear Plugs, etc

Cost for the Cedar Decking:  Approximately $50

cutting cedar deck boards for a life sized jenga set

Measure once!  Start by creating a jig for the Chop Saw by taking an 8 or 10 foot scrap piece of material and clamping it to the saw.  Have at least a foot of the scrap piece go past the blade of the saw.  Next, measure 10 ½ inches from the saw blade and screw a block into the scrap piece that the edge is 10 1/2 inches from the saw blade.

By butting the end of the board into the block each time, you will be cutting a perfect 10 ½” piece each time.

Next, set the depth setter on the saw to allow it to cut only through the 2×4 and not through the scrap piece of material that you clamped to the saw.

Cut the deck boards into 54 pieces.  Do be sure to check the block occasionally to ensure it has been bumped from the 10 ½” you set it away from the saw blade.


how to make a big jenga set


We recommend using Kiln Dried Cedar Decking to help ensure the material slides nicely without catching when the game is in play.  A good sanding will also help with this.  We used a belt sander, but hand sanding with a block covered with fine grit sand paper would also work fine.

sanding big jenga pieces


Since we are using the Jenga sets we built as an auction item to help raise funds for our local builder’s association (SICBA), our local economic development association (EDASC), as well as our local policeman auxiliary group this holiday season, we are branding the pieces with our name and logo.

how to brand a cedar jenga set


how to make a big jenga set out of cedar


how to build a life sized jenga set out of cedar and brand it


Branding irons, such as this one, can be obtained from our friends at Custom Branding Irons.  It is a great way to add that special touch to a wood working project.

how to build a big jenga set out of cedar


how to make an outdoor jenga set


Now the set is ready to play!

instructions for how to make a giant jenga set out of cedar decking


When the Jenga set it not in use, we recommend keeping it under cover and dry.

outdoor jenga set makes a great gift

Makes a unique gift!

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Custom Pre-staining

Looking to save time and money on the job site, as well as protect your siding, trim boards, shingles, shakes, decking or fencing?   We can arrange to have your products pre-stained at the factory and delivered to your job site ready to install.

prestained western red cedar t&g

With nearly every color imaginable, from clear products that allow the natural characteristics and colors of the wood show through, to semi-transparent stains that add a subtle hue, to solid color coatings; the quality of the finish is impossible to duplicate using on-site installation methods.  Your material will be completely covered on all sides with a flood coat of stain, in a temperature controlled environment, free of dust and debris, then back brushed to ensure even absorption and coverage.


Western Red Cedar being pre-stained

The pieces are then placed on racks in a drying room until cured.

pre-stained western red cedar on drying racks

No waiting for perfect weather!  No overspray, uneven application or streaking!  By having your materials coated prior to coming to the job site, it will help them stay cleaner and help protect them during installation.

And save you money!


custom prestained cedar siding


Stain absorption may vary due to the density and/or porosity of the Western Red Cedar or other wood fibers.  The final color and how it adheres/absorbs into the material will vary.  Due to this, color matches are not guaranteed to exactly match any previous sample or order and a field coat following installation is required.


gray-shingle-style-homeA deposit is required for all custom pre-staining at the time the order is placed.  Generally, your order will be ready to ship in 10 to 14 days, ready for installation.  For more information, please call us at 360.757.6343 to discuss.

Before your next project, be sure to visit us!


950 B Fountain Street, Burlington, WA  98233

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Save the Ta-Tas

Special thanks to Dave Hillman at Hillman’s Tranquil Hardscapes for these great shirts!


save the ta tas

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Western Red Cedar Carving

pickleweed mallard decoy

Prized for its dimensional stability, ease of workability and natural resistance to decay and insects, Western Red Cedar has been used to create decoys, totem poles and other carvings to be used outdoors since nearly the beginning of time.

Due to the natural oils and tannins in the wood, anytime you are carving Western Red Cedar, it should be done in a well ventilated area and a mask should be warn.

It is also recommended that a good dust collection system be used as well.  All tools should be extremely sharp to achieve the best results; and when shaving the surface of the wood, be sure to with the natural grain of wood to avoid chips and tears.


western red cedar decoys


Step One – Select the object you wish to carve.  There are many pattern books available for ducks, birds and other types of carving projects available.  We prefer to make a photo copy of the page, rather than using the originals in the book.

pattern book


Step Two – Select the wood.  Western Red Cedar for carving purposes should be Clear (free from knots) with the tightest grain possible and be large enough to accommodate the desired project.   If the object you are carving will be hallowed out, such as for working duck decoys, now is the time to cut the bottom board.  Normally, the body and head are carved separately and attached together after shaping.



Step Three – Transfer the pattern to the block of cedar using pencil.

Step Four – After transferring the pattern to the wood, rough out the approximate shape.  A band saw can be helpful in this step if you have access to one.

roughed out western red cedar decoys


Step Five – With a very sharp draw knife, begin to shape the carving.  A spoke shave can then be used to further define and shape the object.  For added detail, hand tools such as chisels, rasps and files may be used.  Some carvers prefer to use electric tools such as Fordom or Dremel type tools for the final details.  If the piece needs to be hallowed, this is the best time.  Adjoin any pieces of the carving (ie head and body) using a two part epoxy or other adhesive. Allow to dry completely.

canada goose carved out

Step Six – Clean up any glue joints and sand the carving smooth.

Step Seven – Seal the piece if desired.  We prefer amber shellac for sealing.

Step Eight – If you will be painting your carving, use a good oil, based primer first.  A tinted primer can be used.  If desired, draw on details to help guide you while you paint the piece.

goose carved out of western red cedar


drawing feathers on a western red cedar duck decoy


Step Nine – Now the piece is ready for paint!

hens carved from western red cedar


Seems like you can never have enough decoys

decoys carved from western red cedar

Cedar Creek Lumber provides quality building materials to homeowners and contractors Nationwide; specializing in Western Red Cedar, as well as other domestic and exotic hard and soft woods.

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western red cedar duck decoys

See more pictures on Pinterest

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Western Red Cedar Grape Stake Fencing

Because of the natural decay resistance in Western Red Cedar and its abundance, early vineyards used “grape stakes” to support their growing grape vines.  Made from hand spitting 2” pieces off of Western Red Cedar or Redwood blocks 4 to 6 foot in length, the stakes were used as posts between wires, held up exceptionally well to moisture, insects and other elements.


Western Red Cedar Grape Stakes


Due to changes in the way grapes are grown and harvested in today’s vineyards, other methods of supporting the grape vines are more commonly used. However, grape stakes are still manufactured and are used as pickets for fences when a natural, rustic look is desired.


western red cedar grapestake pickets


Nailed or screwed to horizontal rails, the result is a beautiful, extremely sturdy fence that gives an old world feel.  Because of the natural preservatives in Western Red Cedar, we recommend using fasteners that are corrosion resistant, such as stainless steel or hot-dipped galvanized.

 The fence can be left to weather to a beautiful, natural grey or stained to maintain the beautiful reddish brown color Western Red Cedar is prized for.

For project ideas, be sure to check us out on Houzz

 cedar grapestake fencing

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