5/4×5″ Cedar Roof Top Deck

Sometimes, thinking outside “the box” can have great rewards!  Our customer recently completed this beautiful roof top deck to enjoy our beautiful Pacific Northwest Summer evenings.  When the weather cools and the “rainy season” begins, the Western Red Cedar deck panels can be removed and stored.  Because it is light in weight, Western Red Cedar is the perfect choice for this type of application.


5/4x5 Western Red Cedar Deck Panels

Each panel was made using our 5/4×5” Select Tight Knot Western Red Cedar decking; a somewhat uncommon size that allows the look of a wider board, but a little lighter on the pocketbook.  This decking is Kiln Dried prior to final milling, which makes for a smoother finished deck board.


cedar roof top deck


The decking was screwed to 2×4” Cedar runners and then the panels were laid in place.  It is important when installing Western Red Cedar to use Stainless Steel or coated fasteners to prevent corrosion.   It is also very important to allow spacing between the deck boards so that rain and debris can fall through and drain away.


5/4x5 Red Cedar Roof Top Decki


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Western Red Cedar Timbers

Western Red Cedar is a solid choice for both interior and exterior applications where strength and appearance is of up most importance.  With its straight grain and uniform texture, it has natural properties that provide greater resistance to insect attack, as well as rot and decay.  It is also flame-resistant and easily accepts finishes.

Because we are located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, the only in place in the world where Western Red Cedar is grown, we have access to top quality material in extremely long lengths and large dimensions.

Recently we shipped these beautiful 8×12″ by 32′ beautiful Western Red Cedar Timbers to a customer in Kentucky.  Even with shipping, the pricing, not to mention quality is far superior to any our customer could find in his local market.

Custom Western Red Cedar Timbers


32' cedar beams

Another impressive project is this stunning outdoor space created by using 8×16” x 32’, 8×8″ and 4×4″ Full, Rough Sawn Appearance Western Red Cedar that we sent to a customer on Long Island in New York.  The craftsmanship on this project is truly amazing!


Red Cedar Pergola over an outdoor kitchen

With practically every size and dimension available, our Timbers are normally supplied “green”, but can also be kiln dried per order, which does take approximately 4 to 6 weeks depending on production and size of material.  And while most timbers are rough cut, you also do have the option of having them surfaced on all four sides to produce a smooth, uniform appearance if desired.

cedar timber pergola

Our Western Red Cedar Timbers are available in either in Appearance Knotty or Clear grades.  Pre-staining is also available for Kiln Dried timbers.  Please note, because our Western Red Cedar Timbers are cut from natural sources, color variation is likely and we cannot select timbers based on color.

When installing Western Red Cedar timbers, all fasteners should be corrosion resistant or suitably coated to prevent corrosion and staining.


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Alaskan Yellow Cedar Shingles

ayc shingles

Also known as Alaska Cypress and Pacific Coast Cypress, this rare and remarkably beautiful cedar is only grown in the Pacific coast region of North America.  This light yellow wood, with its straight and uniform grain has been used in the boat building industry for many years because of its exceptional resistance to weather.  

Due to its short growing season, Alaskan Yellow Cedar is the hardest cedar grown in the world.  It dries quickly, works easily and performs well either finished or unfinished due to its natural oils that give the wood a was-like finish.  

Because of their fine, straight grain texture, exceptional decay resistance and unique ability to weather to a consistent silvery grey, Alaskan Yellow Cedar sidewall shingles are becoming increasingly popular. Alaskan Yellow Cedar shingles are packaged and graded to the same grades, standards and specifications as Western Red Cedar shingles and finishing is not generally recommended due to the abundance of oils, however they can be treated with a preservative to extend their life.

alaskan yellow cedar shinglesLeft untreated, Alaskan Yellow Cedar Shingles weather to a very attractive light silver grey.  Pinkish or blueish stains that may appear on Yellow Cedar are not a wood defect or problem, but are from naturally occurring oils that come to the surface during the manufacturing process that will disappear after exposure to the sun.



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Pre-stained & Pre-primed Western Red Cedar Shingles

Readily available “off the shelf” in 6 beautiful colors, as well as a transparent Cedar Tone or treated with Beaching Oil, or in any custom color desired, our pre-stained Western Red Cedar Shingles can add a stunning signature look to any building, combined with lasting durability.  Made from high-quality Western Red Cedar, renowned for even grain, weather resistance, thermal insulation and longevity, our pre-stained or pre-primed shingles are also available in natural, sanded and grooved finishes, as well as fancy cuts.

  • Stock Semi-Solid Oil Stain Colorsstain colors for shingles
    1. Water Lily
    2. Coastal Mist
    3. Iron Stone
    4. Traditional Brick
    5. Beach Pebble
    6. Thisis Brown


  • Red Cedar Transparent Stain available with a 5 year warranty
  • Bleached Shingles are a mix of 50/50 Bleaching Oil and Cabot Driftwood Grey Stain
  • Custom pre-stained shingles are available using a quality brand of oil-based semi-transparent, semi-solid or solid one coat finishes, including General Paint Products.  Custom colors available.
  • Pre-stain and pre-prime (in grey or white) is available for natural, grooved, sanded and fancy cut shingles
  • #1-16”, 18” & 24” Rebutted & Rejointed (R&R) Shingles, 100% vertical grain, 100% heartwood
  • #2-16”, 18” & 24” Rebutted & Rejointed Shingles


Installation and Care

Western Red Cedar sidewall shingles owe their beauty, color, durability and resistance to decay and insects to the presence of natural tannins produced during normal growth.  These natural extractives in Western Red Cedar are water-soluble and may lead to discoloration of finishes on the exposed surface of the shingle.  Discoloration from extractives usually appears when moisture from inside the home travels through the shingle to the exposed surface.  As the moisture evaporates it may leave reddish-brown vertical streaks.  This discoloration is not caused by the stain, the paint or any manufacturing process.

The sidewall product should always be stored in a dry, well-ventilated location.  You must keep the sidewall product dry throughout the application process.  You also must take steps to minimize or eliminate interior sources of moisture before and after sidewall shingle application including, but not limited to the following:

  • Maintain low interior humidity levels (this is the most common source of extractive discoloration)
  • Ensure proper ventilation during drywall installation, texture spraying, painting or any other process which increases humidity inside the building.  It is more likely that extractive bleeding will occur if these processes are not completed prior to application of the sidewall product
  • Apply over dry panels (OSB or plywood)
  • Use kiln dried studs

To minimize the potential for extractive discoloration, our supplier ensures that the shingles are dried to a moisture content that is less than 15%.  They also coat the entire shingle with a primer, paint or stain.  Shingles coated with an oil base solid primer that have a finished coat applied over the primer are less likely to experience extractive discoloration.  Semi-solid, semi-transparent, and clear stains offer less protection.

Extractive discoloration may also be caused by external sources such as rain, dew and water from faulty roof and gutter drainage.  These sources combined with dust and other matter may cause stains on the exposed area of the shingle, which is not the failure of the shingle, paint or stain.

Stain absorption may vary due to the density and/or porosity of old growth Western Red Cedar fiber.  The final color and how it adheres/absorbs into the material will vary.  Due to this, color matches are not guaranteed to exactly match any previous sample or order and a field coat following installation is required.

In some cases, certain coatings are “1 coat only” applications.  However, a second field coating is recommended after the stain has cured for best stain performance.  Prior to any field coating, test a small inconspicuous area for proper absorption.  Back brushing is recommended and do not over apply.



Limited Warranties on coating/finishes are offered through the coating/finish manufacturer.

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Knotty and Nice: Highly Textured Wood Has a Modern Revival

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How to Build An Arbor – FREE Plans!


cedar arbor

Looking to add interest to your outdoor space?  An arbor is a great way to do it! An arbor can define an entry way, patio area, cooking area or other outdoor space, as well as create vertical interest.  Your imagination is the only limit!


First, determine the structure you want to build.   Included here are some photos for ideas, as well as plans that you can download.

cedar arbor and gate

western red cedar arbor

red cedar arbor

small arbor

cedar arbor



We’ve got a lot more arbor ideas and photos on Pinterest,  as well, to help you find the one that is just right for you!


The free, downloadable plans, as well as videos included here, are provided by the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association for your information and use.

Download your free arbor plans here!

Western Red Cedar Garden Arbor Plans

Western Red Cedar Garden Arch Arbor Plans

Western Red Cedar Gothic Arbor Plans


Once you have determined what you want to build, create a material list.  In addition to the Western Red Cedar, you will need fasteners to complete the job.  When using large timbers, bolts or lag screws are need.  Your connectors and any other required hardware should be corrosion-resistant or coated to prevent corrosion and staining.

Now it is time to build!

We invite you to watch these very informational how-to-videos to help make your project go smoothly!



Special “thanks” to our loyal customers, who make our products look so good!  The first four photos in this blog are the craftsmanship of Dexperts.  The last photo shows the craftsmanship of Soundecks.

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Railing Accessories

Taking the “ordinary” to “extraordinary” is easy to do with deck accessories from Dekorators, the leader in helping to create spectacular decks and other outdoor projects. Their product line offers a dazzling selection of every component you need to complete your outdoor living space in utmost style.

Dekorators products are as durable and high functioning as they are attractive. Each is smartly engineered, made of top quality materials and finished for greater protection against the elements. So year after year of lasting beauty with minimal care is assured.

A favorite of our customers, the aluminum Classic balusters, lend outdoor settings a sleek, contemporary feel.  Deckorators Classic balusters install on wood, composite, aluminum or Dekorators CXT Railing.

We stock the Classic Black Balusters, but can easily order in other colors such as, Matte Black, Bronze, White, Stainless, Copper and Brown.

black aluminum balusters for railing


Care and Warranty Information

We also offer, by special order, Dekorators Post Caps, Lighting and other accessories.  Turn around time, depending on product availability, is 2 to 14 working days.  To see the full line of products, please visit their on-line show room and call us for pricing!

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10 Year Anniversary!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Cedar Creek Lumber of Burlington, WA is pleased to announce their 10 year anniversary this May.  Cedar Creek Lumber provides quality building materials to homeowners and contractors Nationwide; specializing in Western Red Cedar, as well as other domestic and exotic hard and soft woods.  They would also like to congratulate Michele Conterez on her one year anniversary with the company.  Michele brings many years of expertise in the building industry and excels at educating clients on the benefits and unique properties of using Western Red Cedar.

Cedar creek lumber celebrates 10 year anniversary

A sincere “Thank You” goes out to all our customers, vendors and supporters in the business and building community!

Thanks for all the well wishes and for share our exciting news!

Burlington Chamber of Commerce

Economic Development Association of Skagit County

Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce


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